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Wedding photographers who hate their about me pages, help is here! Your about me page is officially the most important part of your website. You photos may be amazing, but if you’re not coming across as likeable then no one is going to book you for their wedding.

But hey, maybe you’re super likeable, maybe you’re freaking awesome! But no one knows that because your about me page just goes on about how you were born with a camera in your hand and how much you love weddings. I mean, snore, right?

That’s where I come in! Back in the day (ok three years ago) I interviewed all sorts of people from Amy Winehouse to random people on the street, and I used to work on really boring magazine articles to make them all sparkly and fun. I worked on a magazine called Aircraft Interiors International for goodness’ sake, so if I can make that interesting, then I can sure make you, you awesome fun photographer, interesting.

I love all that wordsy stuff, so if you need a new about me page, fill in the questionnaire below.

An about me page costs £70. Payment is due before you receive your new about me page, which will be ready within 14 days, and payment details will follow when you submit the form below. I can also do info/pricing/investment pages (£50 each), 500-word blog posts (£80) and any other copywriting that you need. Small amendments are included if necessary. Here are some about me pages I’ve created for other wedding photographers.

Disclaimer: all text on my website is copyrighted, so please don’t take my own copy – I will write it for you 🙂 Also, I won’t necessarily use everything in your questionnaire, but pick the bits couples will connect with and the bits I think will work really well for you. The more you write the more I have to work with and the better I will get to know you and your tone of voice. Your about me page will be 300-400 words long, depending on the depth of answers you give.

Even better, if you’d like to video/record your answers or have a Skype/phone chat with me instead of writing that would be amazing! It’s only me who will hear/see it.

Alternatively, you can come to my Kick Ass Workshop Brighton in May, which is all about getting your ideal couples – with a mega about me page exercise included.

So let’s get cracking! Fill out this form/arrange a call with me/get your video recording, and we’ll get you a funky new about me page that will get your ideal couples’ enquiries rolling in. You don’t have to answer all the questions, but the more you fill in the better. Write in a conversational tone and don’t hold back – I need to know how you talk. Make sure you’re in a good mood when you fill it in. Even better if you have a glass of wine/gin in hand.

Ready? Let’s go!

Fill out my online form.