Hellooo! I’m Anna, I live in Broadstairs, Kent in a beautiful house with a bearded Dutch fella called Thomas (not Tom!), my two handsome black cats, Loki and Kirby – and our new arrival, rescue puppy Kai! You may have spotted a photo or two of my kitties around this site. Loki dribbles when he’s happy and Kirby is the soppiest thing – he’s so laid back even the vet loves him. Kai’s a naughty pup but he makes up for it by giving me human-style cuddles every morning.

I spend a lot of time grinning, am incredibly excitable and nothing makes me happier than travelling the world to exciting new places and meeting new people. I love exploring local villages and trying food I don’t recognise, trekking through jungles, cooking on campfires and sleeping in hammocks.

I love shooting weddings, it’s the most fun job ever. Most of my friends are wedding photographers we often hang out and play board games or go on little photography holidays together, from Milan to Barcelona to India. It’s a wonderful world to be a part of.

My photography style is relaxed and informal – perfect for anyone who thinks having their photo taken is the most awkward thing ever. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer who is less like a supplier and more like a guest who takes kick-ass photos (and wedding films!), then get in touch!

If you want to know how I work and what you can expect from me at your wedding, check out the FAQ page.

Who are you?

You’re fun, happy and excitable. You love life and relish every moment. You’re adventurous and naughty and you don’t care what people think. You love outtake photos even more than the proper ones.

The idea of posing for photos makes you cringe, and little moments like a wink or a hug are more meaningful to you than “things”. You love going on adventures, from obscure gigs in tiny venues to big trips across the world. You pride yourself on a passport bursting with unusual stamps.

Your wedding is a huge adventure and you can’t wait to have all your favourite people in one place.

If this sounds like you, I think we’re gonna get on just fine. Let’s be friends!