Albums Christmas

***Christmas special***

If you order a wedding album and sign it off for print before Monday 30th October 2017, you can get 20% off a 10×10 inch album. What’s more, if you add an identical duplicate (perfect for family C-word gifts), you can get a sweet discount on these too.

12×12 inch £650  £520
10×10 inch £600 £480
8×8 inch £580 £464
1x 6×6 inch duplicate £200 £180
2x 6×6 inch duplicate £400 £340
4x 6×6 inch duplicate £800 £600

Album ordering info

  1. You register on Zenfolio (the link to your wedding gallery)
  2. You choose 60-70 photos – a good mix throughout the day
  3. You use the Send to Photographer function on Zenfolio
  4. You use the form below to order your album and pay for it
  5. I design the album and send proofs to to you within 7 days via email
  6. You approve the album for print or make any changes you need to
  7. I make the changes requested (if any) and send proofs back to you within 3 days
  8. You sign off for print
  9. I send it to the printers
  10. Around 3-4 weeks later you get a snazzy wedding album in the post!


Example of a double page spread:

Example layout:

Your album

Your wedding album is a super fancy 10×10 inch artbook with a cotton or leather cover, lush matt layflat pages and a clean, beautiful design. It feels nice and heavy in your hands and is a great way of showing off your wedding photos.


The base album has 15 spreads (30 pages) and can fit 50-60 photos of your choice. The base cost is £600 and extra spreads are £20 per spread, which allows you 4-6 more images per extra spread.


Smaller identical duplicates (perfect for parents) are 6×6 inches and cost £200 for 15-spread duplicates, £10 for every extra spread. 6×6 duplicates come in either Pastel Fabric, Bold Fabric or Essential Cotton.

1. Choose your images

Choose your images via your Zenfolio gallery. Here’s how to choose your images:


2. Choose your cover

You can have your names and wedding date either printed, embossed or debossed on the cover depending on your cover material and colour. Font also depends on the cover material – see below.

Here are the cover materials and colours to choose from:

3. Choose your Print Style (links below are important to check before ordering!)

For the text on the front, you have lots of options. Here are examples of Print Styles. Add £20 for 22-carat gold printing. Here is a spreadsheet (opens in a new tab) that tells you which Print Styles are possible with which cover materials and colours.

4. Choose your font

Then you choose which font you’d like. Below are the fonts available for the different Print Styles. Please note there is a 19 character per line limit on all debossing and a 25 character per line limit on other Print Styles.


Fill out my online form.