Example of a double page spread:

Example layout:

Your album

Your wedding album is a super fancy 12×12 inch artbook with a cotton or leather cover, lush matt layflat pages and a clean, beautiful design. It feels nice and heavy in your hands and is a great way of showing off your wedding photos.


The base album has 15 spreads (30 pages) and can fit 50-60 photos of your choice. The base cost is £600 and extra spreads are £20 per spread, which allows you 4-6 more images per extra spread.

Choose your images via your Zenfolio gallery. Here’s how to choose your images:


Smaller duplicates (perfect for parents) are 6×6 inches and cost £200 for 15-spread duplicates, £10 for every extra spread. 6×6 duplicates come in either Pastel Fabric, Bold Fabric or Essential Cotton and have no cover text.


You can have your names and wedding date either printed, embossed or debossed on the cover depending on your cover material and colour. Font also depends on the cover material – you can choose these once you’ve ordered your album below – I’ll send you your options.

Here are the cover materials and colours to choose from:


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