{News} Anna Pumer Photography moves to Brighton

I’ve always lived in London – I went to school there, I worked there and I started my wedding photography business there. But recently I realised that something was missing in my life. I love people, and in London you can get beaten up for giving someone eye contact on the Tube. I also wanted to be somewhere more creative, fun, unique and interesting.

So last week I moved to Brighton! And while I knew it was awesome here, I had no idea just how amazing it is. I could get lost in North Laine for hours, I love chatting to antique/knick-knack/tat shop owners and the food in all the independent cafes is delightful. Plus, people are nice, the weather is good and I can have a house with a garden and two bedrooms for the same rental price as a one-bed flat on the outskirts of London. Amazing! Plus, the gorgeous locations for wedding photoshoots are in abundance, and full of English seaside charm. Here are some snaps I’ve taken in Brighton since The Big Move:



So I would like to introduce Anna Pumer Photography as the new kid on the block in Brighton! If you want to meet me I’ll be at Belle’s Bridal Bazaar in Horsham this Saturday. Come along and we can chat wedding plans over a nice cup of tea and maybe even a cupcake from one of my fellow cake-baking vendors.

Failing that, if you’re looking for a wedding photographer, or just fancy showing a newbie the sights of Brighton, drop me a line on anna@annapumerphotography.com. I’d be happy to hear from you!