Barcelona street photography // behind the scenes

Last week I went to Barcelona on a three-day street photography trip with nine fellow wedding photographers, to get us geared up for the wedding season ahead, get the observational juices flowing and generally kick back with a few glasses of red, some tapas and a lot of laughs. Last week I posted my favourite street photography photos in Barcelona, now here are the behind the scenes shots!

I’ve known Anja (red curly hair, big smile) for several years, we bonded over a photo-stealing “wedding photographer” who tried to befriend us separately. I got caught up in it all and Anja narrowly avoided her after emailing me to ask who this girl was who was emailing her out of the blue to hang out. This girl had stolen and taken credit for not only all the beautiful photos on her website, but also all the words too, including the about me page! So Anja and I bonded over this strange girl and have been firm friends ever since. We’ve shot several weddings together, and Anja has now moved onto filmmaking.

Matt (the blonde dude) is one of my past workshop students, and is a self-confessed workshop junkie. He’s also a hell of a photographer, and I can’t wait for him to join me at my next wedding. He’s a good laugh, and joined in aaaall the shenanigans on the trip (the worst of which I only have terrible camera phone photos of, fortunately for him!). One evening in Barcelona, at a Mexican nachos restaurant, I’m not sure what I said, but Matt flicked a jalepeño at me – it landed right on my eyeball – sending with it a huge blog of guacamole, which smeared all over my eye. I’m still working on my revenge…

Elyse and Krish (the other two girls in the first photo) are like the girl equivalent of a bromance – a womance? They’re hilarious and super fun, and I love our board games afternoons so much – I just wish we lived closer! Elyse has a love of daytime telly and does a brilliant impression of the guy from Homes Under the Hammer. Krish is a staple in the London wedding photography scene, and I love bumping into her when we’re shooting back to back weddings at Islington Town Hall!

I met Sarah (blonde mohawk) at a wedding, one of Brighton’s first gay weddings in fact. She was shooting it and I was doing a photobooth (those days are long gone!). She does more portraits and fashion photography now, and she’s a great laugh. She’s a fellow sugar quitter (as is Elyse) and she’s always baking yummy cakes! Her clothes and hair are incredible, and her love of crazy earrings is brilliant.

I first met Jack (long haired Italian dude) in Milan on our first street photography trip. We also shot a wedding together in summer, which was a great laugh. He became our unofficial-turned-totally-official tour guide of Barcelona, as he lived there for eight months, so knew all the best tapas spots. Jack is wonderful and crazy and loves festivals, glitter and fancy dress (he is a constant traveller and lives out of a suitcase and 80% of it is fancy dress, no exaggeration).

I met Tiree (short red hair) at a wedding photography conference in Stockholm called Way Up North. She’s such an inspiration to me with all her exercise – both mornings in Barcelona she got up while we were still in a deep sleep and went for a run around the city, returning with stories of fruit and antique markets and making me very envious of her ability to get out of bed and run!

I can’t remember where I first met Jaye (the redhead with the awesome glasses), probably at the Snap Photography Festival. She’s a business brainiac and killer photographer. She also has the best stories from her childhood that make you want to go back to being 10 and do it all differently. When the Snap Facebook group did Secret Santa last year, I got Jaye. We all had to fill in a questionnaire to say what things we liked and what would be our worst gift to receive. She made a joke and said poop would be the worst gift to receive. So I sent her poop. She forgot she’d filled out the form and thought someone really hated her. Oops! She has since used the poop to trick the postman, her son, everyone who came into contact with her. She’s a lot of fun. If you’re ever travelling to America, pick her brains. I’m now off to Tijuana thanks to her!

I also met John (the one with the moustache) through Snap – he’s got the best handlebar moustache and is always up for a laugh. My favourite bit was when he bought giant bugs in acrylic cubes for his two sons and when we asked what he would get his daughter he said “the gift of not having a bug in a cube.”