Best of 2014 wedding photography round up!

I’m so lucky to have such awesome couples. To each and every one of you, thank you for letting me shoot your big day. I’ve picked my favourite images from 2014. Whether it was for the story behind the photo or just the wow factor, I have chosen each one carefully because I love it and it means something to me. I hope you like it – my best of 2014!

First up, Rachel and Steve’s powder paint wedding, which was featured in the first ever issue of Rock n Roll Bride magazine. It one of the most fun yet simple weddings I’ve shot. This photo sums it up. I mean, what wedding couple lets you rain fire on them?! The shot was done by stuffing steel wool into a whisk, attaching it to a bike chain and spinning it round to create these arcs of fire. Thanks to my boyfriend Thomas for spinning the whisk and to Rachel and Steve for being up for anything! If you look closely you can see powder paint on their faces from the earlier powder paint fight!

steel wool light painting

Jane and Rich got married at Lains Barn in Oxfordshire right before Christmas – and when I heard they’d booked a VW camper called Elvis, I knew we could have some fun with it. This shot took a while to set up, but it was so worth it – the lighting even makes the van looks like it’s hovering! I told Jane and Rich to scream like they were driving super fast, and they pulled it off perfectly.

Lains Barn Oxfordshire Winter Wedding-42

I love Laura’s facial expressions so much. This wedding was held at The Asylum in London, and while I got some stunning images in there, this is probably my favourite as it shows Laura’s awesome personality – which is what weddings are all about!

bride getting ready photo


Clare and David got married in August but it rained aaaaaall day long. Despite the weather we got some cool rain shots, but this one is my favourite from the day. David lost his grandma weeks before the wedding, and while his grandad was sad, he was also so happy to be at the wedding. This photo sums up the emotion of the day perfectly.

Rachel and Steve got married at The English Wine Centre in Sussex, which is a classic venue, but Steve wanted to go a little crazy and climb a fence for the photos. That was amusing enough, until he convinced Rachel to climb it too! The idea was to get a photo of them sitting on the fence, but I like this one better…

Vicki and John’s wedding at Bilsington Priory in Kent was a perfect summer’s day and we got loads of sunny, pretty photos. But my favourite is this one of the bridesmaid sneaking a swig of the best man’s whiskey.

Nanna and Rasmus are good friends of mine, but they keep moving countries so I hardly ever see them. When they asked me to be their photographer for their Florida beach wedding I couldn’t say no! They told me they wanted their photos to show ‘kitsch’ Florida, so we took this “one for the road” shot at the 7/11 before hitting the hay.

wedding lforida outside seven eleven

This wedding wins the award for best dance floor ever. If you want to have a kick-ass party, invites a bunch of Brazilians along – they know how to party! My favourite thing about this photo is the random piece of lavender behind the guy’s ear.


Matt and Alice’s wedding was all about the darkness – they got married at the Duke of York’s cinema in Brighton (no natural light) and the party was at Pride Cabaret (even less than no natural light!) so when we popped out to the beach for some photos, we made the most of the glorious weather.

I was about to go home after shooting Kate and Jason’s awesome Broyle Place wedding – and I’m glad I still had my camera in my hand as Kate downed a Jagerbomb – her face is priceless.

Sindy and Michael wanted to get the Tube (with all the wedding guests) to their venue, and I’m so glad they did! The carriage was packed with their friends, and I love that the foreground of this photo is framed by two of their mates taking camera phone pictures.

People have asked Lou and Dan how they got someone to pose on the other sides of the pillar at Brighton’s West Pier – we didn’t, he was just there! I love how the stranger evens out the symmetry of this photo.

Ever since Emma told me why she loves this photo of her and Alex, I’ve loved it just as much. Alex was a little bit grumpy, so Emma kissed him on the head to cheer him up. The best bit is that Alex was sitting on a space hopper at the time.

Dilys and Ben didn’t want to do any portraits as it would eat into socialising time, but on the way back into the venue after doing group photos we passed this crumbly old bus stop. We took this quick snap and they went on to the party – and I love it! You don’t need hours of portraits, sometimes 30 seconds will do.

Marianne and Graeme were such a lovely couple, and this photo of Marianne is just piercing. What a stunner! I just love how you can see she’s smiling without even seeing her mouth. I think this is what Tyra Banks means when she says “smize” (I used to be an ANTM fan…..).


How cute is this? These fleeting moments are the reason I never put my camera down – you can’t plan them and if you blink you miss them. Adorable!

Lucy and Simon got married at Hawthbush farm on a sunny summer’s day and it was full of photo ops. It was so hard to choose a favourite photo! I just love how happy they look.

Aine and Simon larked about the whooole time. It was awesome. This little pool on Brighton beach was just waiting for some antics to happen. This photo sums up Aine and Simon’s constant playfulness.

Group photos are like doing your tax return – necessary but no one’s favourite thing. Except when the flower girl sprints down the line in a super cute dress and Converse trainers.

Mel and Mac were a little uncomfortable having their photo taken – so I turned around and took this photo in the bus’s mirror – taking the pressure off them, resulting with an unusual alternative for a usual wedding photo!

I popped my head around the door to check if the bride was ready to come into the ceremony – and saw this beautiful moment of the bride and groom’s little girl coming in through the door.

Is it weird to take a photo of a bride breastfeeding her baby moments before the ceremony? Is it even weirder that this is my favourite photo of the day? It was just such a beautiful and quiet moment to witness, minutes before all the madness of the wedding kicked off.

Katie and Jeff had an unseasonably warm day for their January wedding – so we went outside and had a blast using the crumbly buildings and graffiti-strewn walls for their portraits.

I caught this moment as bride Mimi walked down the stairs followed by about 20 members of her family. I love the way this photo captures a quiet moment before the ceremony, even though there were people everywhere.

Fiona’s bridesmaids had put together a scrapbook of photos and stories about her and groom Andy and they gave it to her while she was getting ready in the morning. I watched her read it while standing in the garden to give her some alone time with it – I love her uninhibited reactions.

I saw this shaft of light and knew it would be amazing! I love the passion in this photo. I had about 0.5 seconds to grab this shot while there were no tourists walking up the cobbled street outside Lewes Castle.

I love the way this photo captures the fun atmosphere of Allicia and Dale’s London Square Pig and Pen pub wedding. The mariachi band was a surprise for their guests – and it went down a storm!