{feature} Booking an alternative wedding photographer: how does it work?

Most people have never booked a professional wedding photographer before, so quite understandably don’t know where to start. Your only experience of wedding photographers is most likely a bossy dude barking at your guests and demanding that they smile. Then he holds the camera by his side, not seeming to notice all the little natural moments that happen. Frustrating! So how do you go about finding someone who is the exact opposite of this ghastly man? Thankfully, with me it’s a little different. A lot different. Let’s begin at the beginning.


You probably found me by googling something like “alternative wedding photographer”, or on a wedding blog, facebook or maybe a friend recommended you (yay!). You make the first move by emailing or phoning me – and I’ll admit, I still get really excited every time I get a new enquiry. So when you email me with your awesome wedding details you can quite rightly picture me on the other end doing a happy dance. I really appreciate it when someone decides I’m the wedding photographer for them.

Most of my enquiries come from people who want something a bit different. My couples are looking for an alternative, documentary/reportage wedding photographer who catches all the moments of joy, the laughs and tears and someone who will blend in well, like one of the guests. Which is what I do, so we’re winning already! In fact, at almost every wedding I shoot, a guest asks me how I know the couple. Which means my blending in plans have worked!

So now you know who I am and a bit about the type of couples I book, I hope you see yourself in that category.

by Anna Pumer Photography www.annapumerphotography.com


When you enquire with me, I get a thrill of excitement. Whether it’s a teeny tiny wedding, a pub-based shindig, a big fat Greek wedding or a festival in a field, as long as we get on, and you’re looking for my style of wedding photography, then we’re on! I only shoot the weddings of couples I click with, which is so important because I’m going to be at your wedding all day so you need to like me!


So you’re excited because you’ve found a wedding photographer that suits you, and I’m excited because you’re awesome and I really want to shoot your wedding.

I will then reply to let you know if I’m available and will send you my info booklet which has all my prices and options on. You can peruse this and have a think about what you want.

Lains Barn Oxford Wedding © Anna Pumer Photography www.annapumerphotography.com

Feel free to take your time – but if I get another enquiry for the same date I might ask you for a decision. Otherwise I’m pretty chilled out about you taking your time. It’s a big decision!

If I’m not available on your date, I’m always happy to help you find someone awesome who is.

The Asylum London Wedding © Anna Pumer Photography www.annapumerphotography.com



If you would like to book me, I’ll send you my booking form (www.annapumerphotography.com/booking-form) followed by a contract from EchoSign, which is a super-easy e-signature thingy. I do this all online because I’m really good at losing pieces of paper, and also because the whole print, sign, scan, email thing is a ballache for you.

YOU’RE BOOKED! How exciting!

I’ll send you my Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Photography magazine that I made especially to make your day easier, more relaxed and more fun.

welcome booklet

I ask for a £500 deposit to secure the date, with the balance due on the 1st of the month the month before your wedding (so 1st June for a wedding in July).

Albums and other nice things

You don’t have to decide on an album or engagement shoot etc just yet – you can add these on later. Over the following weeks we’ll chat more about your wedding plans. I want to get to know you as much as possible. If I know what you like and what’s important to you then I can make sure I capture your personalities on the day. Please note that I don’t, under any circumstances, do spot colour, photoshop in things that weren’t actually there or make it look like one of you is holding the other in their hand. Bleurgh.

Before the wedding

In the run-up to your wedding we’ll be in touch as much as you want. If you need anything else for your wedding, such as a make-up artist, videographer, flower person, cake baker, swing band etc, just ask – I know loads of awesome people.


About a month before your wedding I’ll send you a little questionnaire to find out what group shots you want and a detailed timeline for the day.

Rockabilly 50s Wedding Islington Town Hall-52
I’ll get in contact the day before your wedding to let you know I’m raring to go and find out if there are any last-minute changes.

And then it’s the big day! Let’s do this thing!

by Anna Pumer Photography www.annapumerphotography.com
What happens now?

Wedding fun times happen!!


When I get home I back up all your images, and crash. I tend to sleep 12 solid hours after a wedding! The next morning I’ll pick and edit a few pictures for a sneak peek, so you have something to look forward to. I’ll put them on my facebook page www.facebook.com/AnnaPumerPhotography – if you ‘like’ my page you can tag and share away! Feel free to ask me for the high-res versions of any of these if you’d like to use them as thank you cards.



I’ll spend the next 6-8 weeks editing the whole wedding and getting it sent to you. You will receive the photos on a USB stick in high and low resolution – you’ll also get a special online gallery so you can easily buy prints and share your photos with family and friends.



If you’re having an album, I’ll send you a link to an image gallery where you can choose the photos by clicking the ‘heart’ button – super easy. I’ll design the album and give you a look to make sure you love it. I use Folio for my albums because I just love them. The look and feel is soft, muted and slightly vintage. Gorgeous!

At any time in the following year you can order an album or any prints you’d like. I know what it’s like after a wedding with all the budget gone, but I highly recommend getting an album, otherwise your photos will be doomed to live on your computer and not shared! It’s the start of your collection of family memories to pass on down the generations. Consider asking your guests for money towards an album as a gift.

© Anna Pumer Photography www.annapumerphotography.com

I hope this has helped answer some questions you may have about booking an alternative wedding photographer. If you would like to book me as your wedding photographer, email me on anna at annapumerphotography dot com or get in touch via my contact form.




  • Shane JacksonJanuary 25, 2014 - 6:22 pm

    Hi Anna

    Fantastic post! I’m a wedding photographer in Cornwall and love to see photographers trying to help their customers make a informed decision.

    P.s love your work! Have shared this 😉ReplyCancel

    • AnnaJanuary 26, 2014 - 5:53 pm

      Thanks so much Shane!