You Are Awesome + You (Will) Love SEO Workshop

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Photos by Lemonade Pictures and Andy Gaines

What is it?

The mighty SEO king Matt Badenoch and I are holding a one-day workshop called You Are Awesome + You (Will) Love SEO. It’s a super practical, personal hands-on workshop with just a small group of students, and is all about using your personality in your business and your branding to book your ideal couples, and giving you the SEO knowledge and tools for those awesome couples to find you!

The workshop is on 5th June 2017 in London

We cover:

Attracting your ideal couples

SEO theory + Website good practices

Getting fun bookings

Anna’s secret weapons for bagging the bookings

Referrals vs google

Post and image optimisation

Good content and blogging


Get a kick ass about me page

Keywords strategy

SEO Tools

Discover your style

Why us?

I had a phone call a few weeks ago from a bride who said she saw my work two years ago and has been waiting for the moment she got engaged so she could call me. She said “I can’t believe after stalking you for so long I’m actually speaking to you!” How cool is that? I felt like Britney Spears. On another recent occasion, I was Skyping a potential couple, when the groom said to me “she found your website and had to show me it as soon as I got home. She said ‘look at these awesome photos! And SHE LIKES CATS!!'” Branding win – my cats aren’t plastered over my site for nothing. And at my most recent wedding, the bride gave me a personalised mug to match the bridesmaids’ mugs during prep! I actually cried. I have worked hard to get my ideal couples, so that I can enjoy every second of every wedding, so I rarely get any complaints and so when someone enquires, they book – because I’m the one they clicked with from the very start. In the workshop I’ll be teaching the methods I use to attract my ideal couples – and how I get them to book!

Matt Badenoch has been a wedding photographer for just over two years, and after starting his SEO efforts for the coveted term ‘London wedding photographer’ he got to page one after just six months. That’s not an easy task! I have also been on page one for Brighton since I started four or so years ago, and while my techniques are simple (I love blogging!), Matt has the tools, practical tips and know-how to get you ranking for your search terms too. SEO seems like a massive ballache and a scary world that we’ll never understand, but Matt somehow makes it fun and interesting (when I first heard him talking about his fave tips I became addicted with following my SEO progress!) You will leave the workshop feeling excited about SEO – yep it’s a crazy world we live in.

While Matt and I are wedding photographers, this workshop is perfect for everyone in the wedding industry. All advice, tips, info, tools and strategies work for everyone from wedding planners to videographers to florists – any wedding supplier!

The details

The workshop is £250 and is from 9am-6pm on 5th June 2017 at the Prince of Wales Feathers Orangery on Warren Street in Euston. We will likely go for dinner and drinks afterwards. Payment is due on completion of the booking form. Food and drinks are not included, but tea and coffee is included.

**referral: 10% off if you bring a mate (make sure they mention you in their booking form)**


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