{Feature} Photographing kittehs

I already have two black cats and I would have 20 if Thomas would let me. Unfortunately it’s his house too and we have enough etc etc blah blah.

So I’ve started volunteering at Tag Pet Rescue in Kent, down the road from me, photographing the cats that need homes. They’re not feral, they’ve just come from unhappy circumstances, such as the death of an owner or not getting on with the other pets in the household.

I’m also donating some of my business profits (thanks to you, my awesome couples) to the charity, as they do good work and I have a personal connection with them. It’s nice knowing my money is going somewhere that will actually help in ways I can see for myself.

Yesterday I did my first day, photographing all the cats to help them find homes. A fellow wedding photographer told me she did the same in Sussex and it improved their rehoming rate by 150%! I hope my photos do the same for these snugglepusses. I’ll be going back next week to photograph the ferrets, rabbits and guineapigs and the 6 week old kitten!

Tophat cleaned himself and ended up with a mouthful of hair then looked at me like “what, do I have something in my teeth?”This little one was so nervous, but all cats are curious so she had to check me out!

This is the centre manager’s cat Tucca who has the most beautiful belly and doesn’t mind us knowing it.

Kitty was so friendly and cuddly it was almost impossible to get her far away enough from me to get a photo!

Truffle is in the long-term area (it’s like a home with armchairs, paintings on the wall and bookshelves) but she’s getting much more confident!

This is Maple, look at those pretty eyes.

Eddy was so funny, he kept wiping his face on the doorframe, just like my boys do!

Podge looks just like my cat Loki!

Gizzy is the definition of fluffball.

“I just wanna say hai”

Dennis is the most scared cat at the centre, and lives in the long-term house with Truffle.

I was warned about Simon’s hissing and scratching tendencies, so I gave him a very gentle approach, and we both enjoyed a good scratch behind the ears (his, not mine 😉 )

All the cats (except for the grey kitten and Tucca) are looking for homes (and there are more than just these ones, this is just a selection!), so if you live in north east Kent and want a cat to love and cuddle then get in touch with Tag Pet Rescue. If you would like to donate money towards their food and medical care, I know they can use all the help they can get.