Couples shoots

I’ve put my own spin on the traditional couples/engagement shoot. When you look back at photos of your parents, what’s the best thing about them? Usually it’s the vintage car on the driveway, the awful 80s wallpaper, the sofa with fringe tassles, the massive boxy TV, the clothes your parents are wearing, the kitchen they mixed baby formula for you in. It’s a glimpse into the past, at how happy your family is and how they lived toegther. So my engagement shoots are more personal than the traditional type. I’ll come to your home, or we’ll go out and do something you love doing, something that’s all about you, and when you (or your kids!) look back at the photos you’ll re-live those days.

It’s also a good excuse for some time out from wedding planning and some quality time together away from the TV, laptops, work and chores. They can be taken anywhere, from your back garden to the local park where you love to walk the dogs (bring them!) to the place where you proposed. It’s not really practise for the big day, as the whole idea of an engagement shoot is to have your photo taken, whereas at your wedding you’ll hardly know I’m there. Here are some alternative engagement shoot ideas.

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