“Day in the Life” documentary family photoshoot

Day in the life shoots usually take place in your home, but this family had something a bit different in mind…

Every year, since dad Rob was a kid, the family has visited a farmhouse in Norfolk for their summer holidays. With the beach nearby and a huge garden, there is so much to do – and I loved the idea of documenting their annual holiday, which holds so many memories for the parents and lots of new ones for the kids.

We spent the day jumping in puddles at the beach, narrowly avoiding a typically English summer rainstorm, looking through a photo album of Rob’s childhood at the farm, playing dress up, picking windfall apples and blackberries from the garden and making an apple and blackberry crumble. The girls were so adorable and such characters, and I especially loved their art gallery, which was open for sale when I arrived and I bagged myself a 1p work of art! One of the best bits was Rob texting his sister, whose wedding I shot a few years ago, with a picture of me – she had no idea we were all getting together!

Here is a day in the (summer holiday) life of Rob and family!

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