Day in the Life // Amber + Josh + River + Petal

I’ve been wanting to do a day in the life family photoshoot for a while now, and without even thinking about it, I knew Amber and Josh’s little family would be perfect for my first shoot.

I shot their wedding last June – it was in Amber’s mum’s back garden and it was everything a wedding should be – relaxed, fun, happy, a bit drunken and full of love.

Their son River is the cutest kid ever, he’s such a character and loves everyone and everything. Especially bugs. Petal joined the family a few months ago, and she’s just as gorgeous and wonderfully ginger as her big brother.

They’re such a happy family, and I felt honoured to share all the little moments with them that make up their everyday family life. My favourite bit of the day was when Noony (grandma) was racing River down the garden, but River doesn’t like to lose, so when he fell over, Noony knew she had to fall over too to let him get past and win! Another favourite moment was seeing River mimic his parents asking “what’s the matter, baby?” whenever his little sister cried. So cute!

What is a day in the life shoot?

From having breakfast to doing the laundry and the daily visit to grandma’s (or Loony Noony’s in this case), everything is documented to look back on in the years to come. A slice of life, the normal things that are your favourite memories. The chocolate on the chin, the silly faces pulled, the big squishy kisses and the cheeky looks.

A wedding is an important occasion to document, but everyone is dressed up, looking their best, on their best behaviour (well, sometimes 😉 ) and in a good mood. This makes great memories and is a pivotal day in your life, but it’s not your everyday. It’s not the day you’ll think back to when your kids are 21 and moving out (hopefully, right?) and you’re wishing you could go back to that moment your one-year-old daughter curled up in the dog bed with the dog. Your memories of your everyday are the meaningful ones, the ones that make you the happiest.

Why should we have a day in the life shoot?

How much would you love to have an album of beautiful photos (of all of you!) to look through of you and your kids being yourselves? You can look back at that awful wallpaper you had in your first home, the kitchen you lovingly refitted and the memory of how the light filled the living room as your son watched his favourite tv show while your daughter babbled happily in her dad’s arms.

Everyday life is the most beautiful. You can find out more and book your day in the life shoot here.

Here is a day in the life of the brilliant, funny, gorgeous, lovely, kind and hilarious Marks family xx

day in the life family photoshoot in kentday in the life family photoshoot in kent mum kissing head

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