{Destination Wedding} Outdoor wedding in a back garden in sunny Florida

I’ve known Nanna and Rasmus for almost 10 years, although I hadn’t seen them for years, as they were living all over the world, from India to Vietnam. They’ve been together since school and even though they had a couple of years apart in the middle, you could see at their wedding that they were meant for each other. She’s bubbly, funny and artistic, he’s fun, enthusiastic and lovely. Together they’re awesome.

Their wedding took place in Rasmus’s parents’ Florida back garden. When my boyfriend Thomas and I arrived at their rented Florida house a few days before the wedding, we were welcomed by all of the couple’s family and friends. People had flown from the UK, Denmark, Iceland, Dubai, Singapore, New York – all over the world. Oh and if you’re wondering where Nanna gets her crazy beauty from, she’s Icelandic. How flipping gorgeous does she look?

Here’s their travel-themed (of course) sunny back garden Fort Myers Beach Florida wedding: