An early family Christmas

Every time I see my family I’m too busy laughing with my mum at something stupid my stepdad Andrew said, or sneaking up to Pepper for tickles before she runs away thinking I’m going to take her to the vet, to remember take photos.

This time, at our early Christmas dinner (my uncle Nick flew to Australia a few days later and Christmas without him would be seriously lacking rude jokes), I actually remembered to pull out my little Fuji and take a few snaps, before tucking into mum’s delicious turkey smothered in the 48-hour cooked gravy I’d made from our roast the week before.

If you look closely you’ll spot the cheesy studio photos we had done about 15 years ago, when I was in my bell bottoms and cropped top phase, and my brother had a full head of hair (sorry Howard, you have dad to thank for that!). They are the ultimate cheese, with the white background and awkward poses, but they’re still proudly displayed on the wall next to the graduation and baby photos. (Oops, one photo appears to have fallen half off the shelf!)

That’s my stepdad Andrew in the checked shirt. I say stepdad, but he’s not really, it’s just easier. I’ve known the Fullard clan all my life – me and my bro and Andrew’s 3 kids all went to school together. We like to mock Andrew quite a lot – he has a habit of blaming someone else for everything that happens to him. He’ll drop a spoon and say my mum distracted him and made him do it. He’ll stub a toe and say “who put that wall there?” He also likes to make out like he’s tough, but I see him out there in the garden talking to the cat while inspecting his plants.


This is Thomas, the Dutchman who invaded my life 4 years ago and who I haven’t been able to shake since. We met in Canada on a camping trip through the Rockies. He’s sarcastic, dry and blunt and takes a lot of getting used to! Once you realise he’s not being rude he’s actually very funny.


Ah, mum. Every Christmas we have a mini disaster. After pea-gate of 2001 we no longer have peas at Christmas. This year she added half a pot of Bisto to my gravy thinking it was just a flavourless thickener. But she makes up for it with awesome table presents – this year we got Christmassy socks from Fat Face. They’re so soft that I can travel from my front door to the kitchen in one awesome slide.


This is Howard, my little bro (he hates me calling him that, especially as he’s taller than me) and Nick my uncle. Howard’s a tech whizz who, at age 5 (or something like that) fixed a broken sound system at Currys in New Malden. The sales guy was a bit mortified. He has a habit of taking things apart just to see how they work. He now works at a Land Rover dealership. I really hope he hasn’t continued his habit there…

Uncle Nick has a twin brother in Australia, so he’s off there now getting some sunshine and lots of red wine. Since we lost my aunt June, Christmases at home haven’t been the same, so having Christmas in Melbourne (Thomas and I joined him a few years ago) is a nice (sunny!) change.


No idea how I dragged myself away from that delicious roast to take a photo.


And this is me!

christmas-photos-7Happy Christmas everyone! Don’t forget this Christmas when everyone is together to pick up your camera (or smartphone) and take some photos!