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Mike Riley

I’m Mike and I hate weddings.

But that’s ok, so do you. You hate wedding blogs full of bunting and jam jars and super hot couples that can’t be real. You hate smoke bombs and cheesy poses and looking out the window to see your photographer out in the garden hanging your fucking dress in a tree. You hate chair covers and cheesy speeches copied from Google and group photos that go on for hours. You hate princess brides and cheap tophat-and-tails grooms, you hate everyone being on their best behaviour. You hate being told what to do.

Your wedding is about being with your favourite people and having a great time. It’s about love and laughter and good times. It’s about getting married.

Most of my couples are afraid of having their picture taken, and a lot of them have said they had no interest in booking a photographer until they found me. I got an email from a couple recently that says: “It was such a pleasure having you at our wedding. You really are the photographer for people who don’t like having their photos taken!”

You want wedding photos that show the inside story, warts n all, and that’s what I live for. If Cousin Bill sticks his hand up Auntie Mavis’s skirt and then gets beaten with sticks for his trouble then you want photos of that. If your nan stands up and tries to make a speech after too many Proseccos you want it captured. If your new spouse falls down the town hall steps during the confetti toss you sure as hell want evidence.

So who is this random dude turning up at your wedding with a camera in hand? I’m Mike and I live in a bungalow in a seaside town in South Devon. I’m a single father of a teenage son who lives with me most of the week. I love cats, photography, motorbikes and most importantly people. They fascinate me. And being paid to take photos of people with a free license to shoot what I want is the best job I can think of ever having.

I first got into weddings decades ago. After shooting a few weddings I promptly binned that as a bad idea (hated the cheesy posed bollocks and the lines ups) and carried on with commercial photography. Then a couple of years ago I decided I would revisit weddings – but only if I did it my way, which probably isn’t like a wedding at all. If you hire me you get a photographer who will make the best pictures he possibly can of your wedding which will show you what it felt like to be there.

So if you’re looking for a wedding photographer who shows what it was like to be there, while disrupting your day as little as possible, then get in touch.

Matt Badenoch

I’m Matt, a wedding photographer based in the epic city of London photographing awesome couples across the world doing things their way. My photography style is all about people, energy and fun.

I love living in London, I’m always out and about making the most of being in the city. With everything from street photography get-togethers to gigs in random people’s living rooms to watching live Mexican wrestling, I couldn’t live anywhere else. I live with three other guys (uni style), I occasionally borrow a dog that looks like a mini cow, and have recently started doing bootcamp workouts. If you want to stalk me, come to Clapham Common on a [day] [time of day] and I’ll be the one with a beetroot face cursing the day I was born.

I see life as a great adventure, filled with opportunity, discovery and incredible people. I live in south London, but Skyscanner is my second home – I’m always booking trips to exciting new places. I discovered my love of photography while living in Sierra Leone for six months [in year] – I saw the camera as a tool to enhance life’s adventures by ensuring our memories never fade.

This love of capturing the best bits of the human experience is what led me to becoming a wedding photographer. Because nowhere else are you given free licence to capture such a powerful (and fun) range of human engagement and emotion.

You probably hate having your photo taken (oh man do I feel your pain) but don’t worry, I let you get on and enjoy the party without being told to stop and look at the camera. My goal for your wedding is to create photos that capture all the nerves, excitement, laughs and tears, and remind you what a great adventure life is.

If you think you’d like to book, let’s meet up for a pint (or a mango cocktail for me) and chat about your awesome wedding!

Louise Jacob

Oh hey, I’m Lou!

I’m a wedding and family photographer from Cheshire. I live in a cute little village called Sandiway with my husband and best mate Grant, our five-year-old boy Jacob (my favourite thing in the world), Ace our springer spaniel puppy (who’s bonkers), Pete our grumpy spaniel-hating cat, two rabbits Iggle and Piggle and two goldfish that are still going strong after winning them at the funfair two years ago. We often joke that we live in a zoo but we love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Grant and I met in telly and are about to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary. He grounds me when my head’s in the clouds but he gives me the kick up the ass when I need it.

I used to work in telly in the camera department and have worked on all sorts, from the X Factor to The Baftas. It was a hell of a ride – I’ve been in Heat magazine, Daniel Beddingfield dedicated a song to me, I’ve stood in for Charlie from Busted, once got trapped on the stage during a live performance on the X Factor and I’ve met the Queen!

When I’m not wielding my camera at a wedding or documenting the lives of beautiful families, I love nothing more than spending an evening watching back-to-back episodes of The West Wing with all the animals on my lap and a block of [which?] cheese to munch on (I have a serious cheese addiction).

I’ve been a wedding photographer for three years, and the best thing about my job is giving people permanent memories in photos. I love that if I hadn’t taken that picture they wouldn’t have it. My first foray in photography was photographing horses at a riding school when I was 19 – I loved it, but weddings are a lot more varied and exciting!

I love shooting weddings, and my couples always feel like old friends by the time I leave. It’s so important that I click with my couples – I’m going to be at your wedding from the excitement of the bridal prep until you throw down on the dancefloor, so us being good mates helps me infiltrate the crowd and get those awesome shots.

If you’re planning a fun wedding and looking for a documentary wedding photographer to capture all those exciting moments, get in touch!

Jade Maguire

Hey! I’m Jade, I live in North Wales in a quaint Welsh village called Pontybodkin, in a gorgeous Victorian house with a garden full of colourful flowers. My husband Mel is my partner in crime. He’s a crazy ass guy just like me, and loves my stupid quirky ways. He drives me bloody insane but I wouldn’t swap him for the world.

We have three dogs – Holly Frogs is a king Charles Cavalier, who snores loudly but loves a pamper – when I get my hairdryer out, she’s there expecting to have her hair styled too. Then there’s Bella-bouvardere Gloriso and her baby Lily-Rose. They are Dachshunds, and are totally bonkers.

I love wildflowers, hippy markets, incense sticks and art – mostly Marilyn Manson (yep!) and Giacometti. Most people have a travel bucketlist. I have a gin bucketlist. Literally a list of different gins from all over the world I want to try. I also have a little obsession with psychics. I hugely believe in ghosts, and enjoy going ghost hunting (I don’t do normal!). I have fairies all around my house as I really believe they keep me afloat. I’m obsessed with shoes, stinky cheese and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I love a good rave – Mel and I go to Ibiza as often as we can. I love chucking on my glad rags and going dancing and drinking gin, dancing on tables then regretting it the next day.

Our wedding was a medieval banquet, with a jester who was beyond crude and cocktails in pewter goblets. It was so much fun! I love shooting weddings that are free-spirited and a bit wacky (that way I can fit right in). I love the confetti throw – that moment of pure unfiltered happiness, and shooting people as they rock out on the dancefloor with pure abandon. I totally get the desire to have an untraditional wedding, to do things differently, because I too was one of those people!

By the time you’ve received your final wedding collection you’ll feel like I’m a very close friend, and that’s how I love to work. Need your dress lifted up while you pee, a buttonhole pinned, your hair fixed when it starts falling down? I’m your girl.

I’ve been shooting weddings for around two years now and love travelling all over the world photographing happy weddings. I started as a family, newborn and lifestyle photographer but weddings are where my heart is. After getting married myself, I became obsessed with ways to document love.

Shortly after my beloved nan passed away, my granddad pulled out his wedding album, you know the old fashioned kind you stick the images in yourself. It was beautiful, seeing the emotion, the rawness and tears rolling down his cheeks from losing his life long best friend, and the emotion of what he felt that day. Each and every photo triggered a memory for him that pulled on every single heartstring. Seeing him smile and stare at those images with so much love and devotion through teary eyes reminded me how much love really means, and how important it is to be able to have those memories forever.

I knew from then on what I was going to do was a gift.  From the second I entered this fascinating world I have never ever looked back, I LOVE what I do!


Hiya! I’m Ally from Brighton.

My dream pet would be an alpaca. I secretly salute magpies with the fear something bad will happen if I don’t. It’s a serious problem when driving through Brighton. I have curly crazy hair and when I’m on holiday I look like Monica from Friends. I have a total bitch of a cat Cleo who hates everyone. She loves to give my face a good swipe with her spikey claws. She once ate a metre of parcel string. Nut case.

I love snowboarding but I’m rubbish at it. I’ve been told I’m a bit crazy but I prefer to call it “happy” and “fun”. I love going to the top of things. The Empire State Building, The Shard, The needle thingy in Berlin. Snowdon in Wales. I count steps. I swim in lakes. I love people watching, travelling and chatting to random people. I talk a lot.

After ditching the dream of living in a run down beach hut in Brighton (too expensive), my fella Sean and I bought a Victorian terrace in Worthing right by the sea and I bloody love it. Worthing’s where it’s at, people.

Before I became a wedding photographer, I was cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic. I saw Paul Weller on a flight once, literally the day after I’d bought tickets to his Brighton gig. Freaking love the guy. I ended up walking alongside him out the airport, he turned to shake my hand and say thanks. I then, for some reason I still can’t explain to this day, tried and do that finger slapping thing school kids do. I’ve never done that before so I just looked totally ridiculous. But I did get his autograph on a sickbag.

I’ve been shooting weddings for three years and am loving every minute. My favourite moments are when people make hilarious facial expressions, or when the little people run about loving it all – I just love weddings, I think they’re ace! The party is the best bit – when people let their hair down. I also love the speeches – listening to all those people saying incredible things makes me so emotional I end up blubbering behind my camera.

The most important things for you (aside from the obvious, you know, getting actual married part) are having a good time, getting down to your favourite tunes and putting your creative stamp on the day. You want a wedding photographer who you’ll get on with as a friend, who will throw shapes with you on the dancefloor and who takes awesome photos.

If you’re planning a fun, creative wedding and like to have a good laugh, get in touch, I’d love to hear your plans!

Emma + Rich

Hi! We’re Emma and Rich. We’re wedding photographers and we sometimes make videos too. We’re a bit odd but our pictures are awesome.

We’ve been together for 15 years and married for eight. We got married on Halloween – without realising what date we’d picked! Whoops. Emma is a shorty with multicoloured hair and Rich is super tall, with a twirly moustache (he may even let you twirl it if you give him [brand] biscuits). We’re both total geeks – Emma loves glitter and rainbows and all things colourful. Rich loves beer and comics. Emma has an obsession with and candles and Rich is addicted to video games. Emma will talk your ear off and Rich likes a bit of quiet. Somehow we make it work. We love Madness, Mexican food, pancakes, the Goonies, Weird Al and spending our evenings curled up on the sofa in our fairy-lit living room, covered in animals, watching shit internet videos.

We live by the seaside in Scarborough in a little yellow brick terraced house that we adore. We love the ocean and spent most of our honeymoon down by the sea in San Francisco, frequent visitors of the arcade machine museum (we did warn you we were geeks).

Eddie and Meg are our silly cats. Eddie is named after Eddie Hitler (because he is a div) and Meg is from the White Stripes. Meg sleeps on our heads. Eddie is a dickhead. Then there’s Merlin our corgi, who has a Facebook page and is famous in Scarborough.

We haven’t always shot weddings together, but when Rich joined Emma at a wedding we realised what an awesome team we make. Rich is the analytical to Emma’s emotional. She sees happy tears and belly laughs, he sees a killer composition.

With us, you get fun photographers who won’t tell you what to do. You get two silly people who strive to create photos and films that are totally you. We love weird weddings and quirky couples (it’s the only way we can infiltrate your wedding without being noticed) and you love the idea of having two new friends at your wedding. Two new friends who kick ass with a camera.


Hiya! I’m Karen and I’m a commercial and travel photographer in Manchester. I live in a town called Ramsbottom, which anyone under the age of seven finds hilarious, in a house with views of the hills and a cellar of broken home-brewing dreams. I’ve been a photographer for 12 years and can’t think of a better way to fund my obsession with food and wine.

As you can see from all the blue skies and sandy beaches on my website, I shoot a lot of travel and package holiday photos, which I love (although I rebel for my own family holidays by going on glamping road trips around Europe). My four-year-old daughter Amy used to come on the travel shoots with me and is the “token child” in the brochures – if I ever needed a kid in the shot, I’d plonk Amy in!

My biggest client is Jet2, who I used to work for as Head of Photography I was hired to “sort out the photography” and in my four years there I created (and ran) the photography department, with a team of in-house photographers, a network of freelancers throughout Europe, and a huge image database. Jet2 is now the second biggest tour operator in the UK – an achievement of which I’m incredibly proud to have been a part. I left the company as I wanted to step down from a management role and back behind the camera where I’m happiest.

As well as jetting around various sunny destinations, I also do commercial photography for businesses that want to inject some creativity and personality into their brands. I’ve done everything from photographing haulage trucks to tiny jewellery product shots. In fact one of my favourite shoots was for a jewellery designer in Liverpool, who knew what his brand was all about, but needed someone to come in and show that in the photos. I spent a day faffing with beautiful jewellery and making his brand come to life. I love that I can be creative and work with such interesting people to show off their brands. My clients want a photographer who “gets” them – someone who is on the same wavelength and who can come in and make their vision a reality, with my own little twist.

My work has been featured in the BBC, Guardian and more in flight magazines than you shake a tub of factor 50 at. The best moment of my career though was the first time I saw my image on a billboard!

In my spare time I’d love to be out on long walks with my dog, but I’m not allowed one. My four-year-old has spoken – she doesn’t want her playing to be interrupted by having to look after a dog! When I’m not begging my daughter to let me get a dog, I’m down at the allotment pulling weeds and failing at planting anything but potatoes. I’m addicted to custard, I’m obsessed with geeky things (especially things that seem to be incredibly boring to other people), and my favourite word is bollocks.

Feel free to check out my work – and once you’ve been inspired to book a four-week all-inclusive holiday to Spain next summer, get in touch and let me know how we can work together to create awesome photos for your business.

Here are links to some of my fave people so you can check out the brands behind the photos.