Wedding photography – everything you need to know!


what kind of wedding photographer are you?

I like to think of myself as the antidote to the cheesy traditional wedding photographer you’ve seen at your mates’ weddings. I infiltrate the crowd by acting like a guest – I dance on the dancefloor, chat to your mates and usually sit with guests for dinner too. It’s all part of my plan! This way of working means I can get the inside story at your wedding – I’ll be there to capture the momentary squeeze of the hands, the instantaneous wink, the fleeting look of terror, the look of love between two people, the pride in your dad’s eyes, the happiness on your grandad’s face, your uni mates are doing jagerbombs at the bar. No Pinterest-perfect ideals of what a wedding day should look like, just you and your mates and family having a brilliant time.

will you fit in at our wedding?

I have a really loud laugh, I exaggerate tiptoe, chat to everyone, sometimes have pink hair and at every wedding someone asks how we know each other. If you want an extra guest at your wedding then I’ll fit in perfectly.

we’re super awkward in front of the camera, unlike your cool couples. will that be ok?

All my couples are super awkward in front of the camera. They look cool cos they’re having a wicked time. And that’s all you need to worry about!

what do you charge and what do we get?

You get: Anna Pumer as your photographer // A highlights slideshow to music to give you all the feels // Edited high-res images via an online gallery, which makes it super easy to share // Unlimited free downloads for everyone // Travel anywhere in England included so you don’t have to worry about hidden extras // A couple of little tangible surprises // You’ll be making a donation towards Tag Pet Rescue in Kent// Prices start from £1600 – email me for a full price brochure!

we’re back from our honeymoon and we wanna see our photos, dammit!

Fear not! You’ll get a sneak preview on my blog or Facebook page a couple of days after your wedding to keep you happy and get you excited for the rest. I then aim to have the photos uploaded for you around 6 weeks after your wedding. You’ll receive your photos via an online gallery, where you can view, share, download and print your pics. You can expect 500-800 photos for a full day’s coverage, depending on how many guests you have.

can you hold a date for us?

I often get enquiries for the same date, so whoever puts down a £500 deposit first (or gives me the best compliments) gets the date.

how long have you been a wedding photographer?

I’ve been shooting weddings since February 2013 and have been full time since March 2014. In 2014 I shot more than 40 weddings, 42 in 2015 and 34 in 2016.

we’re on a budget. can we have a discount, pretty please?

The most important thing to me is working with couples I love. I don’t want to turn away anyone I click with and who is throwing a super fun party – because I want to be there! So if we get on like two cats rolling around and kicking each other in the face (a good thing), but you have an unbudgeable budget, then we can certainly chat about shorter coverage especially if it’s not a peak date (summer Saturdays). That said if you’re getting married at a swanky venue and having 300 guests and proper Champagne, then ask me for a discount cos you spent all your budget on the life sized dinosaur replica that will greet guests as they pass through the entrance hall of diamonds, I might send you a gif of a woman snapping her fingers and saying bitch please.

we’re getting married in norway/antarctica/the moon – do you travel?

Absolutely! I LOVE travelling. I’ll go anywhere in the world 🙂

do you do albums?

Hell yeah, everything looks better on paper than a screen. The albums I create are huge, with thick layflat pages, stunning colours, and leather or linen covers. This is not your average print-and-stick-in album. I recommend you order your album after the wedding so you have an idea of how many pages you might need.

what the hell is copyright?

It’s a law thing to protect artists from people stealing their work. For some reason people make a big deal of wedding photographers having copyright but all it means is I created the work, so it belongs to me. You paid me however, so you can do what you like with them – apart from edit them (would you paint over a Rembrandt? “She thinks she’s Rembrandt, does she?”) or use them for sales or marketing purposes. If you want to show off your photos on Facebook or anywhere else online, I would be really grateful if you would credit Anna Pumer Photography and put a link to I LOVE it when my couples use my photos as their profile pics.

will we get hi-res (large, print-size) photos?

Of course, you can print them and put them all over your walls. And then send me a picture of your walls because this makes me so happy. Maybe I’ll put your picture of your walls on my wall and send you a picture, which you can put on your wall.

do you mind us sharing your links and photos on social media?

Share away, I’m proud of the work I do. If you could link to me that would be super.

do you do group photos?

Of course! These are really important, but I promise they won’t take up too much time – my couples normally ask for 4-6 groups. If you can nominate a person (usually a best man) to help me round up the guests for these photos (someone you know who has a loud voice and knows most guests) that would help massively. It helps to tell the people in the groups in advance that they’re going to be called on for photos.

what happens if you’re ill on the day?

I’ve turned into one of those smug healthy people who thinks they’re immune from illness, so Smug Me says I won’t be ill! Ever! The sane side of me knows Smug Me is an idiot. However, only a very serious illness or actual broken bones or like a pen sticking out of my left eye would prevent me from shooting your wedding. If I am unable to attend I will do my very best to find you an awesome replacement photographer – I have a brilliant network of photographers I can contact. I will then pay them the money you paid me or give you your money back if I can’t find someone.

do we get edited images? can we have the raw files?

I spend a lot of time editing your images so they look awesome 🙂 I don’t give you RAW files, only JPEG, as I edit them to a very particular style that I work on for hours to get exactly right, and RAW photos look kinda ugly and most computers can’t even read them. Even I need a special program to open them!

what happens now?

If you think you want to book me for your wedding but would like to meet me first, I’m happy to travel anywhere in North East Kent to meet up. We’ll go for a drink, have an informal chat and the next bit is up to you! Or we can Skype or chat on the phone. You need to be comfortable with me, as I’m going to be there for your whole wedding day, so this is an opportunity to see how well we get on as much as it is to talk photography. Drop me a line via my online form and let’s talk weddings! If you’re ready to book, my booking form is here and there’s a £500 deposit to secure the date.


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  • HayleyJuly 5, 2017 - 8:47 pm

    This page is brilliant!!!! I didn’t know that I wanted to know all this all this awesome stuff that I wanted to know!! Actually snorted at the thought of us having lots of pictures of pictures of pictures on walls (o:ReplyCancel

    • Anna PumerJuly 5, 2017 - 8:52 pm

      Hahaha I forgot I’d written that! Basically my FAQ page is a way of saying “anyone who finds this silliness offensive probably won’t want me at your wedding!” 😉