{Feature} Booking a wedding photographer – how the hell does it all work?!

wedding confetti in londonWell, it usually starts with you dropping me a line and telling me you have cats. Sometimes with photos of them attached

I’m a cat person (although I really want a puppy too!). A photo of your kitty will make my day. When you enquire with me, I get a thrill of excitement. Whatever kind of wedding you’re planning, whether it’s a teeny elopement, a pub shindig, a big fat Greek wedding or a festival wedding in a field, I get excited. Because people are what make weddings awesome. I love people. They’re so silly and funny! So as long as we get on, and you’re looking for a fun, natural, documentary style of wedding photography (and I’m free on your date), then we’re on!

If I’m available I’ll send you my pricing info. Have a peruse and let me know which option you’d like to go for. If I get another enquiry for the same date I’ll let you know. The first to put down a deposit (or whoever gives the best compliments – flattery gets you everywhere!) gets the date.

Meeting up

If I’m available on your date, I’d love to meet up with you in Thanet (a lovely farmy sandy beachy area of Kent) during the week or via Skype to see if we get on (I’m sure we will!). At our meeting we’ll chat about your wedding, what you like to do in your spare time and how great cats are. Like Loki – look how awesome he is:

Loki Kirby


If you would like to book me, let me know! This is my booking form (www.annapumerphotography.com/booking-form) – once you’ve filled it in the magical internet fairies will send it to me, and I’ll pop all your details into my admin system (Lightblue) and send you a contract from Lightblue, which is a super-easy e-signature thingy. I do this all online because I’m really good at losing pieces of paper, and also because the whole print, sign, scan, email thing is a ballache for you. The deposit is £500 and secures the date for you. All the deposit info will be automatically emailed to you when you fill in the booking form (those internet fairies again). The remaining balance is due on the 1st of the month the month before your wedding (so 1st June for a wedding in July). I’ll send you an invoice a month before.

YOU’RE BOOKED! How exciting!

Fun-relaxed-documentary-quirky-wedding-photos 32


Albums and other nice things

You don’t have to decide on an album or second shooter etc just yet – you can add these on later. Here’s a nice photo of an album. None of that Photobox or Boots rubbish, these are the real deal. And yes that’s a cat’s bottom in the photo.

sample folio album-13

Between booking and the big day

In this period you can feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or want to run any ideas by me. Otherwise, I’ll leave you to your wedding planning without bothering you – I’ll get in contact a couple of months before your wedding with an invoice for the balance and the Day in Detail form for you to fill in, which is really important as it will detail the group shots, addresses and timings. If there are any secrets you’re keeping from your guests or partner as a surprise on the day, please let me know, so I can make sure to capture them! I’ll get in contact the day before your wedding to let you know I’m raring to go and find out if there are any last-minute changes. I’ve heard from other photographers that sometimes their couples have neglected to tell them about a last-minute venue or time change. The thought of missing anything brings me out in a cold sweat, so please let me know if anything at all changes!

And then it’s the big day! Let’s do this thing!

Fun-relaxed-documentary-quirky-wedding-photos 42

On the day

My wedding photography gives you a full day of coverage, from getting ready till a few songs after the first dance. I like to have a good boogie on the dancefloor before I head home, and god help you if Taylor Swift comes on you won’t be able to get rid of me.

When I get home I back up all your images, and crash. The next weekday morning I’ll pick and edit a few pictures for a sneak peek, so you have something to look forward to. I’ll put them on my blog. Feel free to ask me for the high-res versions of any of these if you’d like to use them as thank you cards.

I’ll spend the next 6-8 weeks editing the whole wedding and getting it sent to you. You will receive the photos via a special online gallery so you can easily buy prints and share your photos with family and friends.

If you’re having an album, you can use the image gallery to choose the photos by clicking the ‘heart’ button – super easy. I’ll design the album and give you a look to make sure you love it. I use QT for my albums because I just love them. They have thick pages and sharp bright colours.

I hope this has helped answer some questions you may have about booking me as your wedding photographer. If you would like to book me, email me on anna@annapumerphotography.com or if I’ve confirmed your date, fill in my booking form.


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  • GemmaAugust 13, 2016 - 5:32 am

    We are getting married next year on Monday 14/08/17 at the east quay venue in whitstable.
    I just want to say how I love how natural your photos are. I do love natural laughter on camera as it shows feeling. I wondered if you could send me your pricing please. Thank youReplyCancel