Wedding Film // Stevie + Dan

*If you do nothing else with this blog post, watch the last few seconds of the wedding film!*

I got this awesome email from Stevie after receiving her wedding photos and film, and they’ve said I can share it: “Ooooooohhhhhh mmmy good lord!!! You are the official ruiner of eyeliners everywhere (well on me- not Dan haha!) ! We have just sat here and both sobbed our little eyes out, belly laughed until we it just turned into that silent gaspy laugh and have face ache from smiling so much! These are incredible- just simply wonderful!!

You managed to capture so so many of our favourite faces and gave us snapshots into everything that was happening on the day- all the lovely magical moments that we wouldn’t have been able to see without your amazing gift…

And that video! Sweet effing Christ that video… I had to watch it over and over as I was missing so much through tears streaming! We have sent it to our parents and best friends and they are just bowled over by it- it’s perfect! What a dream, you have such a talent and the editing of the video is incredible, like every dance move in time with the beat of the song, oh man- it’s pure genius and I think we’re a little bit in love with you!!

Bloody hell Anna these were worth the wait and more! You have one of the hardest but most amazing jobs in the world, I wish I could bottle up just a little bit of the joy that you have bought everyone by chronicling these moments and bringing your amazing zest for life to the day!

We have sent the link to the photos and the video to immediate family and best friends and they have all had the same response, which is something along the lines of “Chuff me- this is amazing!!”

Here’s their story: “We met as little fresh-faced 18 years olds at the University of York – we were randomly allocated rooms opposite each other in student digs. Dan was a softly spoken, northern mathematician and Stevie was an indie band loving linguist. We are each other’s first loves, we’ve been together 7 years and are still going strong- during our time together, we have studied 4 degrees, lived in 5 different cities, 10 different houses and have racked up millions of miles during our long-distance relationship all in Dan’s beloved little white toyota Yaris (this is our cake topper!)

Dan proposed in Bruges on September 3rd 2015- it was hammering it down with rain and we had gone for a walk at night around the city. Dan made us stop and sit on a wall- turns out it was the oldest bridge in Bruges and had “stood the test of time”- very fitting- so he knelt down in a puddle and handed Stevie a little hand written note as he was too nervous to ask aloud!

For our wedding we have tried not to get bogged down in all the little details and prettiness, we wanted a wedding that reflected us a couple and hope that it has an injection of our personalities in it. We chose a personalised humanist ceremony as we’re not religious and humanism emphasises equality and respect towards others which is how we have always approached our relationship. There is a bit of band/music theme running through- our invites were little record sleeves, our tables are all names after bands we have seen and there will be treble clefs dotted about to match Stevie‘s tattoo.

Why did we choose you? Erm, because you are amazing! I remember googling “kick ass photographers” and at the time that was your tagline, so you were the first search item to crop up, it was fate! We loved every single one of your photos- you can see the personality of every person you shoot in your photographs which is a true skill! You also sounded so lovely and down to earth and your approach to wedding photography was EVERYTHING we were looking for and such a refreshing change from the guff that’s out there!

We’re looking forward to our ceremony, we have a lovely Humanist called Sharon who is marrying us 🙂 Every time we have felt defeated by all the preparation and nonsense that comes with a wedding, Sharon has reminded us our reasons for doing it- she could put anyone at ease, so we’re looking forward to her very personalised take on a wedding.
Stevie is really looking forward to evening do- a good old fashioned DJ blasting out indie and northern soul tunes, it’s very rare that she’s not on the dance floor, so that’s probably where you will find her after 7:30! Dan says he is looking forward to seeing succulents as our table decorations haha!

We tried to do as much as we can by ourselves, our seating plan, table decorations and favours are all hand-crafted (don’t judge if they look horrendous!). Our most personal touches are our music choices, we have off-beat tracks to walk down the aisle to, to sign our certificate to walk back up the aisle and our first dance- they’re a bit aloof but they mean a lot to us!

Advice- just bloody elope! We have joked about it so much but there is an element of truth in that. Don’t overshare ideas with people, little comments can easily push you over the edge when wedding planning is overwhelming anyway. Do what makes you both happy!! If anybody tells you “just do what you want”- be prepared for them to pipe up with less than 3 months to go full of their own ideas (rarrrr!) but don’t lose sight of what you’re actually doing, marriage is so ordinary but extraordinary at the same time, let yourselves enjoy this special moment.”



Dream team

Dress: Andrea Bambridge // Suit:ASOS  // Bridesmaids’ dresses: Debenhams // Hair and make up: Jenn Edwards & Co // Florist: Chloe at C&R Flowers // Cake maker: Rose Macefield School of Sugarcraft // DJ: Deckheds // Catering: Saltmarshe Hall // Humanist: Sharon Kent