{‘I redo’ shoot} Imperial War Museum gardens | London wedding photographer

Imagine your photographer turned up to your wedding so hungover he couldn’t even stand up in the church to take your photos. Imagine he left his camera at the front of the church on a tripod and pressed a remote button to take photos of your vows being spoken, your rings being exchanged and your first kiss. Imagine if after a day of celebration and special moments your photographer only gave you 24 “vaguely useable” shots. You’d be pretty disappointed, huh? Well that’s what happened to Sasha and Sergei, who got married nine years ago. But last weekend they decided they wanted gorgeous wedding photos so much that they would do it all over again.
And this is where I came in! It was a joy to shoot this gorgeous couple in the gardens of the Imperial War Museum in London. It was a sunny day, they were super happy and now they have gorgeous photos of their wedding!