India // Behind the scenes

India! I’d been looking forward to this street photography trip with my fellow photographers for months and I can’t believe it’s already over. We had an amazing time. We posed for a thousand photos with locals in Delhi until our faces ached; visited demolished slums; almost missed our night train, which was on time for the first time in the history of India – our second train was delayed by seven hours, leaving at 2am with us delirious with tiredness; Alex and Matt were extra in a Bollywood movie (and faked an asthma attack to get out of it at 2am after waiting around for 8 hours) – I went with them to the shooting location and it turned out it was on a mountainside in the middle of nowhere and they’d driven us there in the back of a jeep and the director wouldn’t drive me back so I was essentially held hostage there!; we were invited into people’s houses for chai; John’s moustache got a LOT of attention; and I got Delhi belly on a night train, which is probably the very worst place for it to happen.

From Delhi to Jodhpur, back to Delhi, to Kolkata and finally to Varanasi – here are the photos (and video!) behind the scenes on our street photography trip to India!

I made this video of the gang on the trip – most of the time they had no idea I was filming, although Jide always knew! I had a lot of fun editing it too, listening to all our silly conversations and all the car horns again. I wish I’d filmed more, and it’s only when you come to edit that you think of all the moments you wish you’d caught on camera that at the time you couldn’t be bothered (such as when we got Dominoes – I was too desperate to eat pizza to be filming!) Anyway, here are all our silly larks from the trip:

(You can find all my street photos from India here)



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  • MattDecember 21, 2017 - 9:22 am

    Hahaha these are brilliant! So many laughs and great memories coming back! Loved the one of us in the mirror. Can’t believe I wore high socks more than once 🙁 And oh dear that moustache…..ReplyCancel