{Personal} moving to Broadstairs

So we’ve bought a house and moved to Broadstairs! Look at us adulting and stuff!

It was actually in the middle of a triple wedding weekend that we moved in… I thought it would be stressful, but Thomas was happy to do all the moving while I boogied at various weddings 🙂 Moving the cats was a different story though – 3 incidents of pooping and peeing in their cages, me driving 70 down the M23 with my head out the window.

So why Broadstairs? Actually I hadn’t even heard of it until my friend and fellow wedding photographer Tarah mentioned how lovely it is here. I’d been looking for houses in Brighton and feeling pretty disheartened that all we could afford was a small flat – where would we put all our cats? Our future dogs? I wouldn’t be able to have the apple tree I dreamed of! Or a nice office I could meet my couples in over a cup of tea and a cake! So when Tarah mentioned Broadstairs, I looked it up. It had sandy beaches, cute cafes, quirky vintage shops, did I mention sandy beaches? And we could suddenly afford a 4-bed detached house with a garden! We could have all the dogs! And it didn’t matter how far away it was from anywhere because I have weddings all over the place, from Devon to Derby to London and even New Zealand, Mykonos and Ibiza next year. And Thomas being a web developer can work from home, so we went for it, and swapped London-on-Sea (Brighton) for a town that is cute, quirky and all about enjoying the great outdoors. I can’t wait to buy a kayak!

Last weekend was the first weekend I’ve had free in a long time, so Thomas and I wandered into town and I took a few snaps… Welcome to Broadstairs!

My house!!!

Loki yawning on our bed with his feather stick he takes everywhere

Kirby on our ugly red staircase

They all look the same!

The beach! It has sand! And dogs! And sand!

Thomas and a Broadstairs sign

Old petrol pump at a car dealership and garage that hasn’t changed since like the 50s

Bessies Tearoom, which does Pudding Club every month where you eat and rate puddings. You know where to find me once a month, face down in cake

Cakes and stuff

The ceiling of Beaches cafe

Me looking thoughtful but really just avoiding the camera because I’m the worst at having my photo taken

Beaches cafe, one of my fave places in town

Thomas eating beans on toast, obviously

Thomas looking skeptical and out of focus



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  • Laura DebourdeOctober 19, 2015 - 11:00 am

    I love these photos Anna! All of those cafes look so homely and cosy. And YAY for DOGS!!! 😀ReplyCancel