{Review} Bra for backless wedding dresses

I bought a beautiful white backless dress a few weeks ago for a styled wedding shoot for my Kick Ass Workshop Pyrenees, before realising I needed to get a strapless bra for my model to wear underneath (if it’s cold out the dress will be very unforgiving!).

So I did some research into backless and strapless bras and came upon a gem called Invisibra. I loved their look – perfectly bridal, ideal for my shoot – and dropped them a line to see if they fancied being featured on my blog! I’m so glad I did, because it turned out Larissa, the founder of Invisibra, had just got married and was featured on Rock My Wedding! Isn’t she a stunner?! She is obviously (well not obviously, that’s the point!) wearing an Invisibra under her stunning wedding dress, which meant she could go completely backless.


I’d never considered a backless bra before because I have big boobs, but I gave the bras Larissa sent me a go, and they’re awesome! You have to play around with them a bit to get the cups to fit right, and I found having them far apart then pulling the clasps in tight made a massive difference. Now I can go on holiday and wear strapless dresses without being saggy, yay!

When we do the styled shoot as part of the workshop in October you’ll see the bras in action (or, again, not, as the case may be). I took a few photos of myself wearing it under a summer dress but the dress is a bit see through so I’m not gonna post it! Instead you can see all the options on Invisibra‘s website.