{Street Photography} Milan

A few weeks ago, inspired by a fellow photographer’s trip to Havana, I told my best photography buddies, Marianne, Nic and Laura, that I fancied taking a few days off and going somewhere where we could do some street photography, hang out and take a break. It happened that Marianne was already going to be in Milan on days we were all free, so it was settled, we were off to Milan! Here are my favourite photos of the trip – mostly street photography, some of us larking about and the last ones are us entertaining ourselves in a near-empty airport during a 3-hour delay…

These aren’t travel snaps, I was looking for real life, people, moments, interesting light and compositions, framing and stories. You won’t find tourist snaps of cathedrals and museums – in fact the closest thing I took to a photo of the famous Duomo is a kid chasing the pigeons. That’s what travel photography is to me. A kid chasing pigeons.



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  • Clare RandellJune 17, 2016 - 9:00 pm

    Awesome Anna and exactly what street photography should be! Your ability to see life coupled with your exceptional timing makes you a superstar photographer! I’m glad you made it to ComoReplyCancel