Super fun wedding films

You can now get a mini wedding film with your wedding photography! It’s ideal for anyone wanting a wedding film but not wanting a big production or a super long video.

Using the same style as my photography (hiding in plain sight, no posing and getting right into the action) you won’t even know I’m filming – I shoot films handheld (no big tripods) and I put a funky music track over the film, so there’s no faffing with microphones on the day.

Your film and photos will also have a matching style – fun, colourful, bright and happy! The film will have a bit of a retro home movie feel, it’s not slick or high production, it’s fast, fun and real.

So now you can see the laughs, tears, silly faces, funny dances and shenanigans in moving form as well as in photos. Of course if you’d like a full wedding video I recommend hiring a videographer, but if you just want a mini film then now you can!

A mini wedding film is £600 and can only be booked in addition to photography. Wedding films are 5+ minutes long and are set to music. When you book a film, I will bring a second photographer along to shoot the important moments on camera while I film it, so everything is covered!