{Feature} 11 things you’ll regret not doing on your wedding day

1. Spending time with the people that matter instead of making small talk with your second cousin’s plus one.

Ambr and Josh Back Garden Wedding-45

2. Wearing flats – especially if your dress covers your shoes and you can’t see them anyway. Have you ever stood in heels all day? Then you know the pain… Plus they make such pretty sandals these days, like Amber’s below:

Ambr and Josh Back Garden Wedding-13

    3. Playing the games you spent weeks planning and buying.

Ambr and Josh Back Garden Wedding-47
4. Getting sunset photos. If your photographer yells “golden hour!” during dessert, you let that ice cream melt. You can get another one tomorrow. The sunset only has that golden glow for a short time, and if a cloud comes along god help you.

5. Serving the cake straight after the ceremony instead of doing the cake cutting after dinner when everyone is full and just wants beer. Cutting and serving the cake right after the ceremony mean guests will actually eat it (and you save on canapes!)
Ambr and Josh Back Garden Wedding-54
6. Saving money on things you won’t notice on the day like chair covers (they’re normally uglier than the actual chair) and special linens that your uni mates will only spill red wine all over. Just get pretty chairs like these!

Treehouse Wedding New Forest © Anna Pumer Photography
7. Researching your DJ a bit more. Do you want a 65-year-old dude who loves the sound of his own voice and thinks “Celebrate Good Times” is a song you want played at your wedding, or do you want someone who gets you, who knows what to play and when? I recently shot a wedding where the DJ played a slow smoochy song as the third track of the night. I’ve never seen a dancefloor empty so fast.

8. Thinking more about the type of music played. Your favourite songs aren’t necessarily what will get people dancing, and there’s nothing sadder than an empty dancefloor with just your uncle swaying drunkenly on his own.


9. Having the official legal ceremony the day before or after. If you want to get married in a back garden, a field, a campsite, beside a lake, on top of a mountain, you can! Just sign the papers another day. Don’t let logistics stop you from having your perfect wedding!

Ambr and Josh Back Garden Wedding-37

10. Investing in food. If you’re a foodie, a bad meal (and hungry guests) can ruin your day.

11. Investing in your perfect wedding photographer is an obvious one, because bad (or even mediocre) photos can tarnish your memories. But not getting a videographer is also a big regret for a lot of couples. You want to hear those speeches again, listen to your partner’s voice 50 years down the line, remember how your mum danced crazily on the dancefloor. There are loads of types of videographer but I massively recommend getting one who you won’t even notice is there (a rare breed!). Most videographers turn up with two of them, all sorts of contraptions that take up space, get in your photos and spend their time making you walk back and forth and back again til they get the right shot. I love Leanne at Blooming Lovely Films – she’s a total ninja (and nutcase, like the best of us)! Julie and Dave Mykonos Wedding-120



  • Harry Richards PhotographyJuly 5, 2016 - 5:47 pm

    Great list, Anna. I couldn’t agree more with No.9 – I’d totally urge people to do the restrictive legal bit ahead of the day if you’re not having a church ceremony. There’s more scope with authorised venues than there used to be but why let that dictate your plans? Plus No.11 (obvs!! 😉ReplyCancel

    • Anna PumerJuly 5, 2016 - 6:58 pm

      Thanks Harry! I love “unofficial” ceremonies – they’re so personal and beautiful.