What past couples want you to know about planning a wedding

I love the Rock n Roll Bride Facebook group – 8,000 brides past and present equals a ton of great advice. So when I saw a bride ask what past brides would change if they could go back in time, the answers came in thick and fast – with a couple of themes coming out up again and again. Elopement, anyone?


“Elope, and keep your plans to yourself.”

“Go Vegas, don’t stress!”

“Just go off and do it just the 2 of you.”

“Don’t have bridesmaids.”

“Plan something small and local then honeymoon for three weeks in Iceland.”

bride playing fairground games at her village hall wedding

“Just do what you want. Don’t listen to anyone else. I had so many people telling me what I should and shouldn’t do. So glad that me and hubby did our own thing. Make it extra special to us.”

“Ignore everyone.”

“Don’t let family pressure you into making choices that suit them and not you.”

“Don’t organise anything straight away and don’t rush into anything. Don’t tell everyone your plans. And remember you can’t please everyone so don’t even try.”

“Don’t justify any plans to ANYONE.”

“The things you think are so important, are really not. I made a list at the start of things I absolutely needed to have. I looked back at it the week before and half of it wasn’t on there because it wasn’t needed in the end.”

“The only things worth splurging on: good food, good music, high quality memories (photo+video). Everything else won’t matter the day after the wedding. And letting go on the day – if things don’t go as planned, no one but you will know. Enjoy the day.”

“People won’t always get stuff until you do it and it works – so don’t be disheartened by what people say. But my biggest tip (if you’re still reading lol) is do what you want cos people will have an opinion either way!”

groom and friends at the bar

“Don’t discuss your plans with anyone else, just keep it to yourself.”

“Don’t tell anyone cause that’s all anyone will want to talk about with you from then on.”

“Don’t invite your in laws.”

“Don’t invite anyone until you have settled on the guest list with your fiancé and don’t be pressured into inviting people you don’t want there!”

“Take some time to enjoy being engaged before you launch into wedding planning, and relax and enjoy it because it goes by so fast.”

“I got caught up in a lot of the ‘this is what a wedding looks like’ stuff, and I wish I had really thought about what we wanted it to be like and just done that, despite what people may have said. Anyway, it’s all done now. I keep having to remind myself that the important part is I’m marrying the guy who makes each day that little bit funnier.”

“Have an engagement party! Everyone we know who has had one has told me we missed out on gifts and contributions towards the wedding which would actually be a big help as our costs are now getting out of hand!”

“Relax, have faith that people will do the things that they need to do and enjoy.”

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