{Travel photography} Iceland

I have a lot of hobbies. I like to skate, I love baking cupcakes, I enjoy dance classes and I’m even writing a book. But I’m pretty bad at keeping them up. I haven’t skated for a year, I haven’t baked since last November and the last dance class was so long ago I can’t remember a single move. And the book is stuck at 70,000 words.

But there are two passions in my life that I will never give up: photography and travelling. And Iceland is the perfect place to take a camera.

You can gaze over a massive landscape that goes on for miles and miles and not see a shred of evidence of human life. Not a house, person or macdonalds to be seen. This country is all about nature. It’s such an active country. I really think that if the world is going to end, Iceland will be the one to see us trash-dropping, deodorant-spraying, tree-chopping humans off. The whole country is bubbling under the surface; it feels like it’s on the verge of just exploding in a great burst of lava! Wherever you go you can see steam filling the icy air, and if you’re lucky you can even go and bathe in the hot water.

I went to Iceland in January for my 30th birthday – here are the highlights (if you want tips on finding a secret natural hot spring near Reykjavik, go to my travel blog Get Off The Beaten Path | Iceland)