{Travels} Australia

The wedding season is pretty quiet in January and I can’t go on holiday over summer as it’s a crazy busy time for me, so I decided to make the most of the downtime and do some travelling around Australia! It was bizarre being in a hot country for Christmas and New Year, but wonderful to miss out on the grim January weather. It was mine and my boyfriend’s birthdays too (31, eek!) so we decided to do something a bit crazy to celebrate… like jumping out of a plane! We also flew over (and swam in) the Great Barrier Reef, fed possums, kangaroos and wallabies by hand, found a giant huntsman spider in the car, showered with a kookaburra, and spent Christmas in Melbourne and New Year in Sydney. Here are a few photos! See if you can spot the road sign that has amusingly been edited with a marker pen…