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You’re not like other couples. You don’t ‘do’ weddings. You want to do things your own way. You’re planning a fun, relaxed day with your favourite people, where you’ll have a good laugh, eat lots of cake, throw some wicked shapes and go to bed that night (or the next morning) married to your favourite person.

You’re looking for a photojournalistic wedding photographer who doesn’t boss you about, or get you to do cheesy poses. I come in with my tiny cameras (covered in cat stickers), have a laugh with your mum, get the gossip from your mates and capture all the fun from the point of view of a best mate. A best mate who takes kick ass photos.

**Local (Broadstairs, Thanet, north east Kent) and weekday weddings are staying at 2017 prices of £1900 for 8 hours** Pop me an email for a full price list.

kick ass wedding films

I also do fun mini wedding films, which are 5+ minutes long with licensed music over the top. They’re recorded handheld so you literally won’t even notice I’m doing it – the only difference is I’ll bring a second photographer to catch all the fleeting moments in photo format, such as walking down the aisle and the first kiss. Find out more about my wedding films here!

what happens now?

You email me, we chat on Skype about cats and puppies, then if you think I’m ok, you can book me in! If you have any questions (or feel like you should but can’t think of any) head over to the wedding FAQ page or ask me 🙂

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