Wedding photography bucketlist

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The more awesome enquiries I get for dates I’m already booked (with, to be fair, equally awesome weddings) the more ideas I come across for unique weddings that I’d like to shoot in the future. So I’ve decided to list all the cool things I’d like to shoot – and possibly give you awesome ideas for your wedding at the same time!

A wedding at Dreamland Margate – 10 minutes from home and the coolest wedding venue ever!
♥ A Vegas wedding – not the cheesy kind, but at the Valley of Fire or Neon Boneyard, somewhere kick ass like that
♥ A wedding in the wilds of Iceland
♥ A Pastafarian wedding
♥ A wedding in the Lofoten Islands, Norway
♥ A rainbow wedding dress
♥ A wedding in an apple orchard // UPDATE It happened! Check out this back garden orchard wedding!
♥ A wedding on a working farm // UPDATE Shot this last summer!
♥ Rowing in a lake // UPDATE This happened unexpectedly at my last wedding – on a farm!
♥ A wedding in the middle of an old forest // UPDATE Treehouse in the New Forest, September 2015!
♥ A wedding in the Scottish Highlands / Isle of Skye
♥ A wedding at Tunnels Beaches in Devon // UPDATE Booked for 2016!
♥  A wedding at Wise Weddings in Kent // UPDATE Woohoo September 2016!
♥ A picnic wedding breakfast // UPDATE picnic baskets a-plenty at this festival wedding!
♥ A big fat Greek wedding
♥ Pretty much any fancy dress wedding (I realise I’ve done a fancy dress wedding but I loved it and want mooooore!)
♥ A carnival wedding
♥ A zombie themed wedding
♥ A circus freakshow wedding