10 things couples regret spending money on

Here are 10 things that couples regret spending money on for their wedding (plus the one thing everyone recommends):


“Favours never went, sweets and bubbles on the table did. We had too much cake.”
“Favours!! We had loads left as people didn’t take them.”
“Expensive invitations. I really think people don’t care about them.”

Post box

“We did a post box thing for date ideas. Didn’t get used at all.”


“My friend said she wouldn’t bother with a fancy car again. Nobody saw her arrive in it or get a few pictures with it.”

“Would agree with above the car. I was actually treated to mine but again I have no pics at all of the car. No one would have noticed if it wasn’t there.”

“We didn’t have wedding cars. No one noticed my brother picked me up. Cost £1.99 for car ribbons.”
“I had a vintage bus to get to the ceremony which nobody saw although do have a couple of nice photos of it.”

Guest book

“Guest book as about less than half our total guests signed it. Guess the Honeymoon game especially as I put a lot of time and effort into making it and hardly anyone played it properly and the personalised “don’t touch my drink I’m dancing” coasters!”
“Polaroid guest book – people just didn’t quite get it and by the time they started signing our guest book they were a bit pissed and it isn’t written nicely.”


“The other thing I spent a lot of money on was flowers – not sure I should have although they were absolutely amazing, I’m not sure the amount we spent was worth it (this sounds awful because they were stunning).”

Photo booth

“I’d say the photo booth we made. Everyone was too busy on the dance floor all night to be bothered with it. We also had 100s of sparklers and glow sticks that nobody used.”


“We had too much cake (ended up tossing almost an entire layer, even after eating leftovers)”


“Things I don’t regret spending money on however – good caterers and drinks package, good dj, good photographers (probs most important), venue and tipis and wedding videographer and temporary tattoo booth (people still comment on that).”

“The one thing we are glad we spent the money on was a videographer. Everyone says the day goes quick and it’s so true! Would highly recommend to anyone to get one for their wedding.”

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