Upwaltham Barn Sussex // Katie + Luke

If you wanna know what a wedding party should look like, skip to the end 😉 Katie and Luke got married at Upwaltham Barns in Chichester after planning their wedding all the way from New York! Katie and her bridesmaids were awesome, and so much fun to spend the “getting ready” period with. And how cute is the flower girl?

Poppy forgot to take the sticker off her shoe…

The way Katie’s dad is looking at her *heart*

I took this photo because I thought it looked funny. Then the girl on the right told me she was teaching the boys how to hold it in when they’re busting. Then I realised that probably doesn’t work for boys…

They dared to put green stuff on his plate. He was not impressed. This is why I love sitting at the tables with the guests – I get to capture little moments like this:

The groom’s sister took my camera for a spin

This was her photo:

The song was James ‘Sit Down’ – so they sat down.

Four boys wearing their girlfriends’ fascinators. Looks like the girlfriend on the right isn’t too happy about that

Have you ever heard of a Boat Race? I thought it was something that took place on the river between two universities, but it turns out it’s a drinking game too! You line up in two lines and down a pint one after the other and the first line to get the other end wins. Here’s what it looks like…

I was busy taking nice photos of Katie and her mum dancing, then turned around and saw the groom Luke being lifted up and down by his mates, drink spilling everywhere. I love it!

And then this happened… It was a hell of a wedding, these guys know how to party!

Dress: Emma Victoria Payne  // Shoes: Manolo Blahnik // Suit: Ted Baker // Hair and make up: Kelly from Natasha Wiggins Salon // Florist: Lauren Purdy of Flora & Nora // Cake maker: Jayne McDermott (Luke’s mum) // Band: The Famous Fug Band // Catering: Nibble2Nosh