{Feature} Your favourite wedding photos of 2016

Instead of a round up of my best wedding photos of 2016, I asked my 2016 couples for their favourite wedding photo and why they love it. All of you said how tough the decision was – sorry guys!

The most interesting aspect has been how unexpected and diverse the choices are, and the stories and feelings behind them.

This really brought home to me what wedding photography should be, how important and meaningful a photo can be, and why I love doing this job. It’s about moments, family, laughter and tears, it’s about the feels, happiness and memories.

Here are my couples’ favourite photos from their weddings and why they chose them:


Hermione and James, backyard wedding in Sussex

“Oh Anna, you place before me such an impossible feat! The only way I can describe how I feel each and every time I look at them is this: the photos you took are like pieces from a film that has been paused at every frame. You captured each moment so beautifully (and stealthily, I might add!), making imperfections perfect and forever etching them in my mind and heart. I also hold you personally responsible for the massive amount of money I have spent on prints (which everyone is getting for Christmas!)

But if I had to pick one, it’d be this one. Craig and Marlene live on opposite sides of the Atlantic, and it’s unlikely their paths would ever cross otherwise. This photo really sums up the day for me – two people having the time of their lives!”

wedding dancefloor

“I also love this one of my mum (it’s my second favourite) because it’s just how I see her – playful and silly and about to do something that’s either going to blow my mind or embarrass me. Luckily, it was the former.”hermione-and-james-backyard-wedding

“James’ favourite photo is the one of us with the confetti. He says he doesn’t know exactly why it’s his favourite except that it’s candid and he feels like it really captured the day because we are ‘smiling’. Did he not smile the rest of the day?!?!”

I probably took a thousand photos to nail this cracker


Perry and Casey, Gaynes Park Wedding

“For me [Perry], my personal favourite is of my grandad and little sister during the speeches. The photo itself isn’t perhaps the most artistic or action packed as some others but it means the most. My grandad was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer 2 years before the wedding and was given 3 months left. He managed to fight it and made it to my wedding and passed away just over a month later. He didn’t often smile, so seeing him happy in this photo makes it really special.”


“For Casey, the one of Jennifer (her sister/bridesmaid) and my little sister with their necklaces caught laughing at each other is a fave.”



Liz and Luc, Secret Barn Sussex Wedding

Luc: “I don’t have one single favourite photo – I have decided instead to share with you the photo that, I think, best sums up what made the weekend so amazing. What I loved most was everybody’s relaxed attitude which made the weekend so fun and laid back. If memory serves, this photo was taken just as Johnny the farmer came running over shouting “I usually give people a bollocking for playing on the bails but as it’s you I’ll let you off!”

wedding portrait in a barn of hay bales

Liz: “The gift exchange during our vows we made during our ceremony were so personal to us, and Luc’s were certainly creative. He gave me a lighter and then a bra (to symbolize his commitment to gender equality), and you captured my face so brilliantly when he whipped that bra out of his pocket! It was hilarious, tender and very meaningful. Amazing shot!”

apple orchard wedding ceremony with hay bales


Yannika and Shane, East Quay Whitstable wedding:

“We love the first one because it’s spontaneous, not paused… one of my favourite moments of the day… the ceremony is behind us and we can let go…yet the day is not over. The Whitstable sun is so generous with us, we have the beach, a drink, our favourite people around us, and each other. Perfect moment.” east-quay-wedding

“No idea how you managed this shot… but we love it because it reflects perfectly the atmosphere of the day. We can even see you in it!”

east quay wedding


Julie and Dave, Mykonos Wedding, Greece

“We love the way this one captures the island’s beauty as well as giving the appearance that we sort of blended into and became a part of it then and throughout the week.”

Julie and Dave Mykonos Wedding-109

“We loved the perfect timing of the photo to catch all of the colour, vibrancy, and happiness of moments right after we were married!”
Julie and Dave Mykonos Wedding-146


Lynne and Jon, Tunnels Beaches Devon wedding

Jon: “I think my favourite photos are the ones that remind me of the little moments, the funny/cute/odd moments that you have forgotten about until you see the photo again.  Like someone trying to take a sneaky photo from round a corner, or someone pinching an extra flake for their ice cream, or when a fly needed to be released from Lynne’s dress, or possibly (if I absolutely have to pick one) it would be when a handful of confetti ended up in my face(!)”

Lynne: “Picking just one photo has been one of the most difficult decisions I’ve made the whole way through the entire wedding process!!

I’m going to say this one. I love the way the flowers (left over from the day before’s wedding!!!) on the sides of the gazebo frame the shot and how happy we both look. It was that little moment after the ceremony where we looked at each other and realised we’d actually just got married!” tunnels-beaches-devon-wedding


Louise and Scott, Wise Weddings Kent Wedding

Louise: “Mine is the one of us after the ceremony. It was so hard to choose but I feel that this one is my favourite because I love how it captures us both laughing as this is how we spend 99% of our time 🙂 I love that you can see the beautiful background setting as well as some of our friends and family and also the cords still tied around our hands. It just captures the day for me.”woodland wedding ceremony at wise weddings kent
“Scott’s is the one of us dancing with the smoke. It’s his favourite because it looks magical and filled with love but at the same time it is dramatic and so different and special. He also liked how the photo was made, he felt it was just really clever and such a great idea!”



Hannah and Jed, Cambridge University Wedding

Hannah: “Mine is the one of us kissing but the focus is on the guests – seeing their gleeful faces captured at a moment when I wasn’t able to see them is wonderful and I love how Lloyd (Jed’s Dad) looks so ridiculously and deliriously happy, it makes me properly chuckle every time I see it but also feel very lucky to now be such a welcomed part of that family. Also, my Nana’s face peeking out, looking radiantly like the Queen. She’d been so worried about “letting me down” by not looking smart and there she is, looking delighted and delightful. Just love this photo so much.”

Cambridge-university-wedding-20“Jed’s is this one of us dancing because I had been so stressed about the first dance and on the verge of refusing to do it, we choreographed it the night before and I was convinced it was going to be awful and then it was amazing and this photo really shows that off but also just how much fun we had.”



Pippa and Bex, Iford Village Hall Sussex Wedding

“There are many amazing photos from the wedding but this one makes me chortle a lot every time I see it. These two people – I love and respect very much – caught in a moment of what?! I still don’t know… but it’s a keeper!”


Jessica and Ron, The Alma Pub Wedding London

Ron: “After much deliberation, I’ve arrived at my favourite.

1) We’ve got a nice cross section of people there
2) Jessica looks well hot
3) We’ve got Tia doing some sort of silly walk or not stepping on the cracks or something. It captures her child side which is on its way out to a degree as she gets older.”
Jessica: “It’s taken me a while to choose my favourite. And I’m not even sure this is my absolute favourite because they are all so good.  But I really do love this photo!
Why? It’s just so Ron! Giving me a little wink. For me it’s capturing those beautiful little moments that make it real. If you know what I mean. I love a pose as much as anyone and it can be totally worth having instructions from a photographer. But these little moments are for me what makes an awesome photo too. It’s going up on the wall for sure!”


Emily and Steve, Glastonbury wedding at Rumbolds Farm Sussex

“Steve’s is this one – reasons being it’s the only shot we have ever had with both sides of our family in our whole relationship as my brother lives In America, and his nephew Presley manages to stop it being too formal with his acrobatics!”
“Mine is this one of us both having our couples portraits – I literally have never looked happier or felt more beautiful. It was one of my best moments of the wedding, sneaking off away from all the guests and wedding Hub with my new husband and the awesome Anna. Especially as we got shouted at by a random neighbour for ‘trespassing’ on public land.”


Katrina and Tom, Prince Albert Pub Wedding London

Tom: “It was an unplanned moment we made up on the day, and you got it perfectly. It’s a freeze-frame split-second that captures the energy, vibrancy and colour of the entire event. It’s a moment that will last forever caught in a flash.”

Prince-Albert-Wedding-Camden-London-64Tinks: “Oh this is a difficult, but fun task! I like so many that it’s super hard to choose one, but after looking through them for the last hour (!) I’ll go with this one. It’s an unconventional wedding photo (which appeals to me) with lots of attitude, but I love it for capturing one of the many happy and random moments of fun throughout the day and night…”



Zoe and Paul, The Peasant Pub Wedding London

Paul: “The photo of us outside the door totally sums up our day for us. We feel it is very “London” and having a London wedding was very important for us as we were living there when we we met, lived all over London together and when we got engaged. I think you can also see how much we are enjoying ourselves. And we were dreading the “portrait” session as neither of us are that comfortable having our photos taken!

Zoe and Paul London Wedding at The Peasant-37

Zoe: “The photo of me and one of my bridesmaid Tracy. It just makes me laugh every time I look at it. And perfectly encapsulates the evening but also the years of our friendship and the many laughs that we have had.”


Amber and Josh, Back Garden Wedding

Josh: “I literally couldn’t decide which I like the most, every single photo from the day is perfect in so many ways. Every time I look back through the photos each one reminds me of a particular time or feeling from such an amazing day. After narrowing it down, and after much deliberation I chose this image; mainly because it includes both my beautiful bride and extremely ginger son. I adore them both in more ways than they’ll ever know, and they both look so happy in this photo. It’s also includes some of our favourite people and of course, confetti. Because confetti.”

rustic relaxed back garden wedding

Amber: “I could have picked hundreds of photos that count as my favourite, but this one always stands out. I love that it’s taken in my favourite place and Josh has that silly soppy smile on his face. It was our first look and I remember being so desperate to see him and when I did all the nerves went away.”

Ambr and Josh Back Garden Wedding-14


Hannah and James, Ufton Court Wedding

Hannah: “The sparkler shot as I thought James was trying to draw a penis and he was trying to draw a love heart! That’s what set me off laughing! Explains us to a tee!”


James: “My fave photo from the wedding is Hannah walking down the aisle, as it’s so happy and I got my girl.”



Dan and Suzie, Brighton Music Hall Wedding

“Suzie’s is where we’re walking along Brighton seafront, barefoot, with our shoes in our hands. She loves this one because it feels care free and reminds her of the fun we had taking photos with you. She remembers feeling so happy and relieved to finally be married (to me!).”


“Mine is the one with another man’s hand! 🙂 [Suzie had her handbag over her arm hiding Dan’s hand, so I used James’s hand from Hermione and James’ wedding in its place!] I love this one as (a) it’s a gorgeous photo (b) the composition is perfect (c) every time we went to Brighton we always took photos (selfies) in front of the old pier and this reminds me of dong that but also of the happiest day of my life.”



Frankie and Brett, The Bell in Ticehurst Wedding

“My favourite is the shot of us dancing, my skirt is right out, the petticoat is so gorgeous and we are both loving showing off – but the best bit is if you zoom in on people’s faces in the background!”

wedding at the bell in ticehurst first dance


Katie and Luke, Upwaltham Barns Sussex Wedding

“I remember beforehand being so worried that I was going to cry as I walked down the aisle and mess up my lines (and my make-up), but in fact I had so much fun during the ceremony and felt we laughed all the way through and made it really ‘us’. I feel this picture captures both Luke and I laughing/looking incredibly happy but I also love the reaction of my dad (looking proud), my mum, my bridesmaids looking at us and the others in the background.”
wedding ceremony


Anja and Tanita, Brighton wedding at Caribou Rooms

“This is my favourite picture is because it’s subtle but it conveys so much. It’s a small detail but it meant everything on that day plus sometimes you don’t need a hug or a kiss to convey closeness and intimacy.”brighton wedding
“Tanita’s favourite one is because it was such a fun point of the evening to see that huuuge bill come out. She really likes how serious/somewhat scared she looks and how I’m just peering over it all amused.”

brighton wedding

Sam and Pete, Westerham Wedding

“For me it’s the one with my mum waving her hands in the air ‘like she just don’t care’ on the dance floor….. she is not only my mum but my best friend. She has been there for me through the good and the bad…. without her (and dad) the wedding couldn’t have been as amazing as it was and I loved seeing her enjoying every part of the day…. as did everyone!”


“For Pete it was the one of us under the purple and green trees… he says it captures both the beauty of nature as well as the two of us at such a momentous point in our lives. It’s pride of place in our living room and the photo we got the most comments about!”


Emma and Jason, Babington House Somerset Wedding

“Such a lovely photo of me and Elemie. I can’t wait to show it to her when she’s older and talk to her about how special it was to have her there on our big day.”


Lisa and Ann, Brighton Pavilion and Hotel du Vin Wedding

“It’s been a toughie but we’ve chosen this as our favourite… We absolutely love Brighton and once we had decided to get married we knew we wanted to hold the wedding there. We fell in love with the Royal Pavilion and the opportunity for an intimate ceremony. The music room where this photo was taken was such a talking point for our guests who were able to enjoy it after the ceremony and for us this photo is a wonderful reminder of our special day and the beautiful place we were able to share with our nearest and dearest.”


Sarah and Andrew, Brighton Wedding

“I just love the shape of the window framing us, and it’s a lovely little moment between just the 2 of us. Plus you can see all of my dress and shoes haha!!”


Mel and James, New Zealand Wedding

Mel: “My favourite was James’s great aunty catching the flowers during the bouquet toss.”


James: “My favourite is the one of us on the swings – just so in love.”


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